It’s Indonesian independence day and this ceremony is being held underwater. Let’s hear how from our reporter in Bali.

We are at Sanur Beach in Bali where about 20 Indonesian and foreign divers are preparing for an underwater ceremony.

Among them are four disabled divers who have the duty of unfurling the Indonesian flag underwater.

Conditions are tough for the disabled divers but at 16 feet deep and nearly a mile out to sea they get to work. With patience and persistence, they successfully hold a ceremony to unfurl and honor the Indonesian flag.

Head of the organizing committee, Gentry Amalo, says the purpose of the event is to raise a sense of optimism and love for their country in disabled people.

Gentry says the activity also draws attention to the beauty of Indonesia’s underwater coastline. He says about 80% of Indonesia’s underwater assets are damaged.

NTD, Bali, Indonesia.

sources: New Tang Dinasty TV

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